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Who Wants To Come To My Birthday Extravaganza And Party With The Glamazons?!

    Hey Glamazons! OK, apologies that I've been M.I.A. (that's Missing In Action) but I've been hussling to pay the bills. Because, as you know, living in New York 'aint cheap and when you've been laid off like I have and STILL haven't found your full-time dream job then sometimes you gotta do other things to make ends meet. Most of the time these "other things" suck up all of your free time and all you can do is go home and pass out at the end of the day. (Does anyone wanna come over and do my laundry?!) Anywhoo, I digress..and don't worry, I'm not a prostitute or anything haha. BUT I am going to be having the biggest, bestest birthday party extravaganza ever on Thursday and I'm super stoked about it! Coutura and I will be partying in true Glamazon fashion to celebrate my birthday (which is Monday, August 30..Virgo power!). While I wish that I could bring all of you, alas, I can't. So, if you're in the NY area and would like to come, all you have to do is retweet this post and join our Facebook Fan Page to enter for a chance to win an invite to my birthday extravaganza! You'll party with The Glamazons (as well as other very cool industry folks), sip on sponsored libations and dance your life away to amazing music. Sounds fun, right? OK, get to tweeting and joining our FB page and we'll pick one lucky winner on Wednesday of this week...good luck!

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