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GLAM OR SHAM?: Chris Brown's Louis Vuitton "Kente" Scarf and Leopard Print Sneakers at the Takers Premiere

    Chris Brown's stylist must have it out for him. After performing onstage in man capris, he showed up on the red carpet of the Takers L.A. Premiere looking a dusty fool.

    Yes, Glamazons, he's wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf that brings to mind the Kente fabric my uncle wears during Kwanzaa ceremonies. (Doesn't he look like he smells like incense? Nag Champa?).

    As for those leopard print sneakers, unless it's a tacky, printed Ronald Isley fur (<---kidding!), I am not a supporter of animal print on a man. It's too feminine and fetishized to come off sexy on anything other than a fierce woman. Do you agree?

    And to add insult to injury, Chris, you threw on your girlfriend's tight vest on top of a black button-down shirt. What is the purpose of the vest? You can't even see it unless you stare close enough; and it's cinching your waist. Who is responsible for this horrid outfit?

    In other news, Chris purportedly has the best scene in the movie, which I can't wait to see! Let's hope he's wearing better clothes.



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