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GLAM OR SHAM?: Kelis' Silver Sparkly Cleopatra Wig in St. Tropez

    Nothing's wrong with having a free spirit, but a sparkly Cleopatra wig? That may be missing the mark.

    For her latest performance, Kelis took metallic glitter to a whole new level with a shimmering wig---complete with blunt bags and straight edges to match.

    She paired the wig with a gray jumpsuit cinched by a black waist belt, silver peeptoe heels, silver and gold chunky jewelry and a black jacket with sharp shoulders. The outfit is so chic that I have to wonder why she threw on a wig from the costume store to match it?

    Kelis is known to push boundaries, but sometimes 'different' can be a disaster.

    What say you, Glamazons? Is it free-spirited GLAM or a crying SHAM?



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