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Cheryl or Nicole?

    I think that some of you know whom i'm referring to. Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger of course. As you probably know already Cheryl Cole was chosen by Simon Cowell himself to be a judge on the upcoming season of the USA X Factor alongside with him and Paula Abdul. Cheryl judged auditions in two cities, but last minute she has been kicked off the show due to her thick British accent. So the network had to replace her immediately. Nicole Scherzinger was their first (as she wasn't picked as a guest before) and best option.
    The interesting part is something else though, at least for the fashion world as they are both very fashionable. Take a look at what they chose to wear in their first auditions!

    Cheryl Cole

    Nicole Scherzinger

    So thoughts? Who is your favorite? Mine is Cheryl Cole (as she was the first one to sport the purple - orange combination).
    xoxo Elina