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Carrie On (2)

    You all now that Carrie Bradshaw is one of my fashion icons. I have already shown you some of my favorite outfits from the 2 Sex & the City movies. So, it's time for me to show you my favorite Carrie outfits from the very successful TV show. Every outfit is an inspiration for me and all the fashion industry. Just take a look!

    Season 2

    One of her best outfits; a 7-dollar vintage dress that she bought in East Village

    Looking hot in her little black dress, Gucci bag and her signature "Carrie" necklace

    At a Knicks game wearing fur

    In Hamptons, when she found out about Mr Big and Natasha

    Looking gorgeous at Mr Big's engagement

    Season 3

    She definitely loves fur; here she just bought 2 pairs of Jimmy Choos and the politician waits for her in her stairs

    At the Opera with Charlotte, where she ran into Mr Big

    Meeting Mr Big at Central Park

    Meeting with Aidan Shaw at his store (love the Dior handbag)

    Season 4

    Walking on the runway in Dolce & Gabbana

    Shopping and accidently running into Mr Big

    Meeting Aidan at his bar (with her hot abs)

    I love this outfit and how she paired green with red

    My favorite outfit; wearing her Roberto Cavalli mini dress after a huge fight with Aidan

    Her favorite habit: buying shoes

    Visiting Aidan's and Steve's new bar on Mulberry St

    At her big date with Mr Big wearing a pair of Louboutins to-die-for

    Season 5

    During the Fleet Week

    Having a date with her "boyfriend" New York City and visiting the Guggenheim Museum

    With Stanford running into Mr Big's ex Natasha

    Being Brady's (Miranda's son) godmother

    At an event for her book

    At a party held for her book success

    At a bookstore dressed casually

    At a wedding in Hamptons waiting for Berger

    Season 6

    Heading to the New York Stock Exchange Market

    At her first date with Aidan (also one of my favorites, she looks way too cute)

    Strolling in New York City wearing her Manolos

    At a premiere in a Prada dress after a huge fight with Berger

    Wearing an amazing Oscar de la Renta dress (a gift from Aleksandr Petrovsky)

    Meeting Aleksandr Petrovsky

    At her hotel in Paris

    Shopping in Paris

    Strolling alone in Paris

    In Paris looking sad

    The last scene
    xoxo Elina