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Featured Corner #2

    As acolorist having someone leave without a makeup touch up to me makes no sense, Ihave always said if a client comes in as a brunette and leaves as a red headwith the same makeup as she came in with then we really haven’t done our job.We both work from the same palette and I must say I have been fortunate throughmy career to have worked with some of the best makeup artist there is and havepicked up many tricks but no one has taught me as much as my featured makeupartist Anna Conte.

    For the past 15 years she has been ourmakeup /eyebrow guru not only for the salons as well a part of The Aveda CanadianCreative Team, with a clientele so devoted to her talents that you have tobook a appointment months in advance, why so popular? It’s her passion, gentletouch, fashion forwardness and servant’s heart. A born educator she shows herclients how to use and apply the products always even if it’s in a 15 minuteappointment and above all makes every person she services feel beautiful. Thiscolleague of mine shares with me almost my entire clientele and there has neverbeen a time any one of them brought a compliant to me in fact there eyebrowslook impeccable and there makeup finish is completely connected complimentingthem and hair color! Her favourite makeup artist and peer is Fulvia Farolfi ,one of mine is Ms Conte.