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Crimson & Red Rose Hair Color

    Adding Crimson-Red Rose shades into your hair color palette offersthis fall/winter an assortment of choices for all those red heads or wannabesout there. This fall/winter attention is on red hair colors with more blue/violet in them that will work withmost skin tones adding richness and a healthy glow and a bit of pow. My Crimson Reds are equal parts of red + violet, Red Rose is equal parts of red+violet+a dash of orange, and regardlessof any level  on a current brunette or redshade going either way can add an overall or dimensional fantastic look to agreat haircut.

    I very rarely just do an all over solid color (tint, single process)on my clients even if I take a few slices of the hair and apply the same new-growth(root) color to those pieces and leave the rest out, end result hi-lited hair ina flash and not always do we have to refresh all the hair all the time. Anotherway I am loving using these tones  arecolor blocking whether vertically or horizontal sections layering these 2shades either together or with darker rich browns  and blacks commands attention. My beliefs onred hair colors and skin tones is this; warm skin is primarily complemented bycool hair color, cooler skin is primarily complemented by warm hair color,hence a dash of orange in our Red Rose,  remembering that it's all about balance and nothing is more regal then a festive red jewel whether on a finger, lip or hair color.