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Extra Touch #2

    Hot Towel Sink Treatment

    When you ask anyone women/men what is there favorite part ina hair service 90% say the shampoo and conditioner, so why not create an experiencewith extra touches on a hundred year old service every salon offers. I started doingthis hot towel sink treatment on my clients not that long ago and by far withall the extra added value services we offer this is what they look forward to themost, not only is it a wonderful relaxing 10 minutes for them but also beneficialfor the hair. After each color treatment whether it is a color (single process)or highlights it is important to nourish the hair lock in moisture and shutdown the cuticle for longer lasting results and health of the hair, all youneed is a spa towel warmer a few products good hands and off we go
    Just before the shampooing begins we let the clients smellAveda’s Singular Note Peppermint and Lavender, they choose which one is theirfavourite. After the hair is shampooed and rinsed we apply Aveda Color ConserveStrengthing Treatment to the hair and massage it through, we then place a hottowel on the neck and another one wrapped on the head, at this point with thesingular note they picked we sprinkle the towel with a few drops then placethe towel over their face. This entire extra touch is the one that will spreadthe word faster then even hair color, so remember to continue to create unique relaxing client experiences and stay consistent which is the key to success and a long term clientele.