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Dark Chocolate Hair Color

    Now imagine a client (guest) coming to see you wanting to gofrom a level 7 (light brown) hair color to a chocolate brown and brings you abox of very expensive chocolates and tells you that this is the exact color shedesires, Brilliant! I always say without visuals with your consultation you’rein trouble and to me this means no hair swatches. So my client Linda who hasbeen seeing me for the last let’s say 22 years a consumer reporter for anational new paper is wanting to go chocolate brown, I love this and agree it wouldlook great on her complimenting her skin tone and  beautiful blueeyes, however I still have to go over a few things such as, in almost all brownhair color there is a tone of somewhat warmth (Red) if there wasn’t then you mightas well go black. The box of dark chocolates she brought were matte in otherwords no shine a little different in hair color as we all know and battle the no “red”clients but still want shine, the minute the natural hair is altered with any hair color even for 5minutes the molecule opens up and delivers a shine, light  technically called red NRP natural remainingpigment. This is an important bit of information for clients to know on whatwill occur instead of the end result being different then the desired one. In foodmost chocolate we refer to is either dark or milk with 1000’s of variations,also there’s shinny chocolate or matte the shiny ones appearwarmer the matte (flat) appear cooler, the point is no matter what are ownpersonal ideas are on certain universal colors it’s what Linda’s are which areshiny dark chocolate almonds and by explaining to her that there will be some warmth and that food color is different than hair color we can achieve 98% exact  color, so whatever the visual maybe a pictureor a box of chocolates there is in hair more shine there for more warmth.  At the end of the day Linda got her beautifuldark chocolate brown hair color and I got to enjoy the yummy chocolate, thank you Linda for inspiring me to write this post.