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Visit Greece

    Yay welcome to the Summer Season! The season of the hot and carefree days! The season when we are all obsessed with hitting the beach, tanning, going out and drinking cocktails. When we are all thinking which places or islands to visit or escape to. I have the solution to all these questions. Visit Greece! The Greek Islands are the perfect getaway for summer. Take a look at some islands I chose!

    1. Santorini

    2. Mykonos

    3. Syros

    4. Amorgos

    5. Rhodes

    6. Zakynthos

    7. Kefallonia

    8. Leukada

    9. Ithaki

    10. Skiathos

    11. Alonnisos

    12. Spetses

    13. Crete (Chania)

    14. Elafonisos

    What do you think? Which one is your perfect getaway?
    *All images are from Google Images
    xoxo Elina