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Richie Rich Selling Tickets to His Fashion Week Show; Five Things You Can Expect For Your Money

    Anticipation for Fall 2011 Fashion Week has reached a fever pitch. Designers are dishing on their inspiration and hosting fashion week contests. NARS has announced their first-ever boutique to open on Day One. And Richie Rich (above, in the flesh, with the Glamazons) is prepared to top all of that---well, except maybe the NARS part. And you're not surprised, are you?

    Fashion's rebel savant is selling, I repeat selling tickets to his fashion show. The tickets will cost you $35, and proceeds will benefit and Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Love the charity angle, but has this even been done before?

    Richie Rich had this to say about his ticket buyers who are presumably attending Fashion Week for the first time via Fashion Indie: "It’s fun when people who haven’t experienced it get a chance to and see what it’s about. And it’s as much fun to watch the crowd as it is to watch the show."

    I'm sure people will pay for it, and it'll be worth it.

    I remember my first Richie Rich show during the Fall 2009 season. There were drag queens, pretty boys, violinists, half-naked men, a Pam Anderson appearance, a Kat Deluna performance, an Ice-T and Coco sighting and so much more. In essence, it was a circus. And I had never felt more at home. One of my fave shows ever ever ever!

    So here, in short, are 5 things you'd get for your money if you bought those addition to the fashion, of course:

    1. Really, really attractive attendees.

    2. Musical performances---and by music, I mean pop culture (Kat Deluna) and classical (violinist)...also, there may or may not have been an opera singer involved.

    3. No one storms the catwalk quite like a drag queen. Witness it in person.

    4. Almost Naked Boys. Always a good thing.

    5. Random Yet Inexplicably Exciting Celeb Sightings Sidenote: Yes I met Ice-T and Coco and felt like part of the family!

    As you can see, it'll be worth every dime...but since when do shows charge? And will he start a precedent for fashion shows you can attend through Ticketmaster?

    And would you pay to see his show? If you could pick a designer to buy tickets to, who would it be? I'm sure you can guess who I'd pay to see...yep, Chanel hehe.



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