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Kim Kardashian Gets Kicked Off Prince's Alexander McQueen [Video]

    Okay, okay. I know this post is totally about Kim Kardashian's unfortunate Prince moment, but I have to dish: I had another moment of my own yesterday!

    I was invited to cover his charity press conference for the site I work for, and got these amaze candy bars with his face on them from Dylan's Candy Bars, and a keepsake book of his Welcome 2 America tour.

    Even better? The press was treated to a behind-the-scenes look at his show during soundcheck! Prince came out in a black velvet sweatshirt, white furry boots, skinny jeans and a white hat (so casual chic) and practiced two songs with his phenomenal band. It felt exactly like those behind-the-scenes DVDs (like Michael Jackson's and Beyonce's) but live.

    I grew up listening to live music (everyone in my family is a musician) and all of Prince's hits---and never imagined one day I would see Prince perform them in an empty stadium literally steps away from me! It truly was a special moment that I'll never forget!

    The awesome concert he was gearing up for took place last night at Madison Square Garden. Cee-Lo opened (how amazing!) and Prince took the MSG stage for the last time during his Welcome 2 America tour in a gold sequined jumpsuit.

    While performing, he called folks on the stage to dance and Kim Kardashian was one of his picks. In a fitted Alexander McQueen printed dress, she looked beautiful but when it came time to dance, she froze.

    The star tweeted this about her funk faux paux:

    LOL - I'm not mad at her for freezing. Like I said, Prince is an icon with a magical presence onstage. At his show, I cried, screamed, danced, even stopped breathing at points so I totally get it. I wouldn't freeze though, I would do the bump until my hip fell off instead.

    Oh - it's hilarious that before Kim comes onstage, Prince says she might be too sexy and when she doesn't move, he's over her. LOL, he's the man! Check the video below:

    And here's Kim's latest tweet, love that she has a sense of humor about the whole thing!

    What do you think of Kim's Prince moment?



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