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"Crazy" Nail Art

    When it comes to making a statement, celebrities don't hold back. A simple way to steal the spotlight is with their nails and the crazy nail art designs they choose. They declare their love (for example Heidi Montag for Spencer Pratt or Katy Perry for her husband Russel Brand), their mood (Lindsay Lohan with the famous "fuck you" mani) as well as their state of mind or even their political views (like Eve with the Obama nails). Enjoy some of the unique designs they have chosen!

    Lindsay Lohan: court manicure, best statement ever ("fuck u")

    Heidi Montag: "heart" nails and "i love Spencer Pratt" nail art

    Heidi's Chanel mani

    Katy Perry: Russel Brand nail art

    Katy with various other nail art designs

    Fergie who loves nail art too

    Lady GaGa: Pokerface manicure


    Nicole Scherzinger

    Eve with Obama nails
    xoxo Elina

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